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Interesting Facts About Microsoft HoloLens


Interesting Facts About Microsoft HoloLensThe Microsoft Corporation investors and technology enthusiasts will appreciate that the Microsoft HoloLens is one of the most fashionable and high tech gadget to own. Though not yet released, Microsoft has heavily invested in a strong developmental phase which will ensure that the final product is as good as the initial plan. Here are interesting facts about Microsoft HoloLens that are worth looking at.

Facts About Microsoft HoloLens

The Product is Not About Virtual Reality

Interesting Facts About Microsoft HoloLensThe product’s headset falls under the category of Augmented Reality (AR) and not Virtual Reality (VR). This means that it does text and graphic projection at the top of real world using holographic lenses. The images can be 3D meaning that one will be in a position to manipulate them to suit the purpose. Moreover, the images are not only full-color but also multi-dimensional. Such features give it a magical performance.

You Do Not Need a Computer to Make Use of the Product

Many of the headsets require the use of computers. The Microsoft HoloLens works independently. Just like the way digital libraries and books drastically reduced the use of hard copies, so will the Microsoft HoloLens reduce the need for computer monitors. The product is more or less a computer in itself- with an independent CPU and GPU. In addition to that, it can track the hand gestures as well as what you are doing. Microsoft has made a presentation on what clients should expect.

HoloLens Has Ample Gaming Opportunities

Interesting Facts About Microsoft HoloLensHoloLens is designed as a consumer-oriented product that aims at meeting the needs of the clients. In its development phase, Microsoft is keen on having a well-developed gaming component for the product.

One of the greatest advantages with gaming with HoloLens is that you have an expanded motion. Moreover, you are going to be able to see what is around you in a better way. It should be noted that HoloLens has a high level of aesthetics.

The headset can stand alone and this promotes a better interaction with the games. There is also a high chance that there will be more integration with more fun games in the future.

Cost and Availability

The company stated that the product will be available in the market “in the next year.” As per now, it is not known the exact release date or month.

The headset will cost $3, 000 and the developer edition). Though this might seem expensive, the hardware that is available before the actual production begins is often uncommon and expensive.

The Use of Kinect Censors

Interesting Facts About Microsoft HoloLensKinect censors understand the human identity, the human speech, and understand the gestures of a human being. This plays a critical role in exploiting the many uses of the product. In addition to that, the gaze control option is going to help you sample various objects. You can use the available voice command in order to bring or eliminate objects as you desire.

Aspiring users should note that the product not only allows you to explore the screen but also beyond. Take for instance, a user can do mountain climbing in mars in a way that resembles the real mountain climbing.

Sound and Spatial Mapping

When the user leans closer, the sound is supposed to get louder. This lets you have a more realistic landscape. Again, suppose you are smashing objects one by one, you are going to hear the same sound of objects being smashed.

Universal Apps

As stated earlier, the HoloLens is a versatile product. In this regard, it is quite compatible with universal apps. In particular, windows 10 users do not have to worry about the compatibility as it is compatible.


The HoloLens is a unique product in that it will be the first product to employ both the real world as well as virtual reality. It is going to help you have a new view of the world and expand your mindset.

However, all the details are not clear, and the price and specification is just an approximation. Again, there is the question of the level of immersion in relation to other realities, a question that has not been answered yet. Despite that, the product remains a unique Microsoft release. Overall, the Microsoft HoloLens is going to make your living room lively and fun.

Key Things to Know About Bitcoins


Key Things to Know About BitcoinsOne of the greatest innovations made in the contemporary society is perhaps the advent and successful use of the internet. The financial industry has seen a significant use in the use of digital technology. One of the digital currency options in the modern financial sector is the use of bitcoins. In this light, it is worth being familiar with key things to know about the bitcoins.

What Is Bitcoin?

To start with, bitcoins is one of the forms of the current digital currency. It is not controlled by any entity or individual, and it is not printed like the normal currency. On the contrary, it is under production by a business or an individual through the use of software that is heavily used in mathematical calculations. Bitcoin is under the category of money that is referred to as cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin was created in 1999 by Satoshi Nakamoto (an unknown person). He had stated that he was living in Japan and was 37 years old. However, some of the coded words he used in the programs could as well mean that he is from a commonwealth country. In fact, his schedule of posting could mean that he was following a North American time zone. He had published a research paper in 1998 which gave a detailed description of a new digital currency. However, he later disengaged himself from the new project and transferred the control of bitcoin to Gavin Andresen.

How to Acquire Bitcoins?

Key Things to Know About BitcoinsAs stated earlier, there is no printing of bitcoins. One major way of acquiring bitcoins is through discovering them where computers do a competition among themselves. The threshold for creating bitcoins is 21 million of them, with the option of doing a breakdown to smaller amounts. On average, a miner is awarded 25 bitcoins after every 10 minutes.

Generally, mining is done throughout. However, one is supposed to do some basic tasks such as feeding them to a ledger as well as confirmation. Bitcoin has sufficient systems that are used to detect fake transactions. Also note that you cannot reverse a bitcoin transaction. The only thing that can be done is that the recipient can refund the reward. Consequently, you should be more careful with your transactions because reversing them is not easy.

Another way of acquiring bitcoins is through what is referred to as the bitcoin exchange. This is a platform that allows buying and selling of bitcoin through the use of different currencies. The largest platform for acquiring bitcoins is Mt. Go a bitcoin exchange firm which is based in Tokyo.

The Stability of Bitcoins

At the moment, bitcoins is a highly volatile and unpredictable asset. There are several factors that contribute to this. These include illiquid markets, novel nature, and a young economy. In connection to this, they drastically change in value in a short period of time. Thus, only store bitcoins that you are confident that will not adversely affect you, should you lose it.


The increase in the use of technology has led to a greater campaign in the use of digital currency. Bitcoin stands out as one of the most significant alternative currencies. When using it, you are not restricted from using any name that you wish to use. Again, it does not carry transaction fees. Overall, bitcoins is gaining ground among the people who are looking for alternative currencies.