How to Design Energy Efficient Lawn at Home?

Lawns are beautiful because they add life to your compound. They also improve the air quality around your home. For example, did you know that an average lawn stores more than 136 kilograms of carbon each year? That means it can help you conserve the environment. A lawn can also be a way of saving energy. Therefore, creating an efficient lawn is good for you because it will help you save a lot of water and money. The question is how to design energy efficient lawn at home? Well, here is how you can do it.

– Grow Trees in Strategic Areas of the Lawn

How to Design Energy Efficient Lawn at HomeTrees play a role when it comes to conserving energy in your home. First, they provide your home with shade during the hot season. Then they act as windbreakers during the cold months. That means you will not use your air conditioning system as much as you did in the past.

More importantly, trees lower the temperature of your lawn. In effect, a lawn with trees is six degrees cooler on a sunny day than a lawn without them. Therefore, the three-shaded one will need less watering than the one without shade from the sun. In other words, you require a limited amount of energy to pump water for your lawn if you plant trees on it strategically.

– Install a Rotor Sprinkling System

How to Design Energy Efficient Lawn at HomeThe average family consumes 1, 211 liters of water each day. More than 30% of this water goes to outdoor uses such as watering the lawn. Pumping this water for outdoor uses takes a toll on your utility bill. Installing a rotor sprinkling system would reduce this cost. This system waters your lawn at a slow rate, unlike spray systems. This reduced rate of watering your lawn means that the wind will not carry off the water droplets as they rise in the air. Instead, most of them will reach the ground allowing the soil to absorb the moisture.

– Create a Deck, Patio, or Walkway on Your Lawn

How to Design Energy Efficient Lawn at HomeConserving energy is possible if you would reduce the thing that is leading to the consumption of energy. In this case, you can reduce the size of the lawn. Consequently, you would use less energy to pump water than you used in the past. That would happen because the volume of water required to water the lawn would have reduced. Additionally, decks, patios, and walkways add to the aesthetic beauty of your compound. They also increase the overall value of your home.

– Install Smart Sprinkler Systems

How to Design Energy Efficient Lawn at HomeDid you know that more than 50% of the water used to water lawns goes to waste because of evaporation, water runoff, or wind gusts? Installing a smart sprinkler system can reduce such waste. For example, soil sensors can determine the status of your soil and as such, adjust the watering levels to suit it. The sprinklers can go on and off automatically so that you do not waste any water. Some of these systems can even water your lawn depending on the local weather forecast in your area.