Oiltanking United Bulk Terminal (Davant / Port Sulphur, LA)

The Facts

Proposal: Expand existing coal export facility
Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Reference #: AI 10249
Owner: Oiltanking
Coal Type / Source: Powder River Basin (PRB), Illinois Basin (IL) and petroleum coke (petcoke) (a coal-like substance left over from oil refining)
2012 Exports: 8.5 million tons
Current Capacity: 12 million tons per year
Committed Capacity: 22 million tons per year
Transport Method: No rail access
900 acres of developable land available for expansion


photo by Gulf Restoration Network, courtesy of Southwings.org

Regular operations foul the river.

2nd September 2012, one week after Isaac’s landfall. Red soil stains the area.

photos by Gulf Restoration Network, courtesy of Southwings.org

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