How Does Natural Outdoor Environment Impact on Health?

Natural Outdoor Environment

How Does Natural Outdoor Environment Impact on HealthThe indoor lifestyle pursued by millions of people around the world is not healthy. Currently, the average person watches three hours of television every day. He also spends close to one hour on social media each day. That adds up to a total of four hours on activities that promote an indoor lifestyle.

It is important to remember that the same person would spend the rest of his day sleeping and working. That means an average individual has little time for outdoor activities. Sadly, many people do not know how nature affects their well-being. They should ask, ‘how does natural outdoor environment impact on health?’

– Exposure to the Sun Increases Your Vitamin D Levels

You can get vitamin D from many sources including fatty fish, beef (liver), egg yolks, and cheese. Other sources include food items fortified with it such as soy-milk, cereals, orange juice, and some dairy products. However, the purest form of vitamin D comes from exposure to the sun. In fact, your body produces it when you expose your bare skin to the sun’s rays.

This mineral is critical when it comes to the absorption of calcium in your body. Without it, you would not have strong bones. It also helps you when it comes to fighting certain diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular complications, and osteoporosis.

– Outdoor Activities Improve Your Level of Physical Fitness

How Does Natural Outdoor Environment Impact on HealthThe world had 857 million obese people in 1980, but that figure grew to 2.1 billion in 2013. The primary contributor to this surge in overweight people over these 13 years is the pursuit of a sedentary lifestyle. This lifestyle encourages people to sit in front of their office desks, TVs, and computers while discouraging them from going outside their homes or offices.

The result is an increase in the rates of obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. What can you do to reduce your risk of developing these medical complications? Well, you can start by walking or running. Then you can try hiking, climbing, and canoeing among other outdoor activities.

– Nature Restores Your Mental Health

The world is cruel and unforgiving. Sometimes, the things people go through can be overwhelming and they can take a toll on their level of happiness. An individual’s mental state can also suffer terribly because of the ills of this world. Nature can restore your faith in humanity during such troubled times.

Being outdoors gives you the space you need to think clearly about your problems. It helps you to look at them objectively and without interference from outside forces. Mother Nature will not pressure you as you make your decisions so it is highly likely that you will make the right ones. By doing so, your mental health will improve drastically.

– Outdoor Activities Heal Your Body

How Does Natural Outdoor Environment Impact on HealthPeople take many drugs for their problems and some of them are addictive. Others spend too much time trying to heal their bodies while they are indoors, but doing so hardly helps. Nature is the best medicine. It increases your energy levels as you breathe in the fresh air that is around you.

It causes relaxation in your nervous system because the environment is calm and pleasant. It also increases your level of stamina, as you would feel free to do the things you could not do while you were indoors. The changes that occur in your body because of your presence in the great outdoors promote your health.